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These are some of the horses we have sold.

Congrats to Sara from Weatherford TX. We are in love with the mare we got from you and are thrilled to already hear of the wins you have already had with Tacoma, and can't wait to hear of the many future wins you will have together.

Congratulations to Tammy King of Amarillo, Tx on the purchase of Toby. He was my baby and I am so sad to see him go. But so happy to see him go to a family like yours. I know you will love him and I look forward to seeing him in the future as you and him grow a bond together.


Congrats to Darlene Day of Texoma TX on her acquiring Little Joe. Darlene I know you will take great care of him and that he could not be in better hands. We just love Cheyanne and can't wait to take her on a trail ride. I look forward to hearing how Little Joe progresses with you.

Congratulations to Daniel and Megan from Levelland TX on the purchase of Velvet. You are going to love her I am sure. She is such a sweet mare. I look forward to hearing about your first trail ride with her.

Congratulations to Joe Bob Kinnman from Wheeler TX. I am so glad Reese is working out well for you, and we can't wait to come see his first roping competition with you.

Congrats to Danity Goza of San Angelo Texas on the purchase of YHR Scott A Fever. Your going to have one heck of a good looking colt in the show ring next year. Look forward to seeing show pictures of him.

Congratulations to Jennifer Finch of Amarillo Texas on the purchase of Loper. Your family was the best home for him and I think Copper is going to love his new stable mate. Congrats and I look forward to hearing more from you and your family's adventures with Loper.

A big Congratulations to Amanda King of Pearland Texas. You will love Tucson, he is the perfect first horse for a family. I can't wait to hear about your progress with him. I just know he found his forever home with you and your family.

Congratulations to the Westerfield family from South Texas on the purchase of Kyann and her filly Storm. I can't wait to see what Kyann produces with your beautiful stallion, and what storms Champagne and dun test turn out to be.




Visit Their website here


Congratulations to Troy Smith and his family in Chickasha, OK on the new addition to their family. Jetta is a beautiful mare and I know she will have a good home with your family. I hope you enjoy many years with her and I would love pictures when you get her back under saddle. She should make a wonderful rider.

A BIG Congratulations to the Cortez Family in Monticello, AR on the purchase of Scottish Five Bar. You will be thrilled with his foals and he will bring you much joy. His babies are amazing athletes, beautiful animals, and wonderful family horses. I can't wait to see your future foals from him and your beautiful mares. Congratulations!

Congratulations to Melody Sloan of Lubbock, TX on their new addition to their family. I have confidence you will get Blondy back into good riding shape soon. She is a sweet girl and should make you a wonderful mount soon.

Another Congratulations to Melody Sloan of Lubbock, TX on their purchase of Blondy's colt YHR Blonds N Scotch. You will love him, he has a great disposition and personality.

Congratulations to the Mayfield family of Amarillo, Texas on the purchase of Sierra. I think your daughter will love her and I can see she is going to get plenty of love and attention with your family. I look forward to hearing from you in the future.

Congratulations to the Hernandez Family from Amarillo, Texas on their new addition, Limousines Button. I think you made the perfect home for Trip, and I look forward to see how he does team penning with you and your family. He is a very good horse and he seemed to do well with you.

Congratulations to Rachel Fix of Canyon, Texas on her new addition. Rachel I am sorry about your loss and I know you will bond once again with a horse, and Velvet will be all you dreamed of I am sure of it. You two are going to make a fantastic pair.

AQHA Sorrel Gelding. Congratulations to the Strube Family from Anton, Texas and the purchase of Sky. I am so excited your family got  him, and let me know when you start to compete with him, because i want to come see him in action. He is going to be a fantastic Barrel horse I think.

Palomino Mare. Congratulations Misty Basque of Lubbock, Texas on the purchase of Kadi. She is a great horse. Your two sons will love her, and I really look forward to seeing some pictures of her roping with your son. She is a one of a kind gal.

1998 Brown Mare. Congratulations to Melody Sloan of Lubbock, TX on the purchase of Dontcha Skip Sassy. I am sure you will enjoy her and she will give you some beautiful foals as she did for us. We will miss her and her sweet disposition around here.

1995 Palomino Mare. We where very reluctant to sell this great mare, but we know that she went to a great home! I had even taken her off the market when Rusty and Melony of Houston, TX contacted me, I knew she would be loved and cared for. Congratulations on your new addition. I look forward to hearing from you and seeing many pictures!

2007 Palomino Filly. Congratulations to Ed Harvel of Canyon, Texas on the purchase of YHR Gold Fever. You will enjoy her and I know she will win some ribbons for you!

2007 Palomino Stallion. Congrtulations Jeff Walker in Lubbock, Texas. Bumper is going to make you proud. I can't wait to come see him when he is older. I think he will be beautiful.

2005 Perlino Stallion. Thank you Rich King of Craig, CO. Koda is going to be something spectacular and I am looking forward to see pictures of him when he gets older. He should cross nice on your mares.

2007 Sorrel grade colt, sold to Debbie Brown in  Amarillo, Texas. Your family is going to love Mayder.

AQHA Palomino Stallion. Docs Gold Dakota sold to CB and Mindy out of Starta, MO. Thank you both for the purchased of Diesel. You are going to love I know it. And I am so excited to see some of his foals from your mares.

2007 Gold Creme Champagne Stallion. Thank you Saleste Clark from Arkansas. I am so pleased you where the family that got Fender. He is a very special colt and will always have a special place in my heart. I can wait to see how he develops and what he becomes. Congratulations!

2007 Mini Buckskin Sold to Josh Marrufo in Midland, Texas. It was so nice to meet you and your family. I know you will love Rain and she will be a great adventure for you all.

2005 Bay Pinto AMHA mare sold to Texas. Thank you for taking the two girls together, I know they are going to love your big pasture and have many years together on it.




2002 Buckskin AMHA mare. You and your family will love these two girls. Take care and we hope to hear from you soon when that baby is born!

1998 Sorrel Mare. Excellent show prospect and a wonderful loving disposition.

Thank you Alice from Amarillo, Texas, I think you will just love DeeDee. Congratulations!

2003 Bay Grade Mare. wonderful little mare, you would never have guessed she was only 4 if you rode her.

congratulations to Kym and her daughters from Gruver, Texas. I am confident your family was the best home for Brandi.

2005 Sorrel Gelding, Boon Bar, Doc Bar, Mister Gold Fever, Conclusive.

Congratulations to Kim in Texas for the purchase of their new colt. I hope you enjoy raising him as much as we enjoyed having him.

2005 Sorrel filly, Kid Clu, Impressive, Obvious Conclusion, Conclusive.

Congratulations to Wendy Floyd of Glen St Mary, FL. Can't wait to see what kind of foals Lizzy will have with your beautiful stallion.

2004 Blue Roan stallion. Hancock, Driftwood, Blue Valentine breeding.

Congratulations to Roddy Renger of Texas. I know Levi has a good home with you and I can't wait to see his progress.