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Updates and News

This mare is Bred to CL Lord Phantom place your mouse over the picture to see the sire.

Bred 3/25/2006 estimated due date 2/28/2007 (based on 340 days)

UPDATES are usually made in the evenings!

Foaled at 351 Days!


4/10/06 - We took Sissy in and she is indeed in foal. Her last pregnancy only went 327 days so she could foal earlier next year. Last year she was a maiden, it was later in the year (May) and she had a colt.

8/11/06 - Now at 138 days Sissy is holding strong and looking good. I based it on 330 days since she only went 327 days on her last pregnancy. But that shows when we might start to see signs. Foaling Table

8/24/06 - Sissy is 151 days today and she got her first Pnuemabort shot.

10/26/06 - Sissy got her second Pnuemabort Shot today. She is looking very pregnant.

12/13/06 - Now at 263 days pregnant! Wow time has passed by so fast. Sissy is very large now, I will post pictures tomorrow. I have gone 8 months without riding her and yesterday I got on herwith nothing but a lead and halter and rode her bare back all over the place. I noticed a HUGE difference than the last time I was on her, her belly is sprung out so far I felt I was riding an elephant. I even felt the foal kick against my leg once. That is very cool. At feeding time you can see her belly jumping around with that foal getting active. We will be moving her into the foaling barn at the end of this month. She does act more stand offish and does not seem to want to be around the other horses as much, she will go off by herself in the Lean-to and sleep for several hours during the day. The only time she mingles with the herd is at feeding time.

1/2/06 - Sissy is now at 283 days. She got her last Pnuemabort shot last Thursday. She does not look much different but is acting very different. I notice she stands with her rear pressed up against the fence or lean-to often. She is getting closer ......

1/11/07 - Sissy got her yearly shots today. She is 293 days. She also had her 10 month preg check done to make sure she was still in foal and there where no problems developing. All is looking good and we moved her to her foaling environment today as well.

1/27/07 - Sissy is now at 309 days today. There have been some noticeable changes over the past couple of days. Sissy has started eating less, she only eats about 3/4 of her hay and grain. She also has started developing an udder, although it does not look like much of an udder there is swelling in front of her udder and a light yellowish sticky fluid can be easily expressed. So this is her first sign of udder development.

2/9/07 - Now at 322 days there has been noticeable changes that started yesterday. Her udder is much much fuller, there is now a softening around her tail head and she has very little resistance in the tail when pulled up, also her vulva has relaxed. She did not finish her hay this morning she left well over half in the feeder, and she has had a soft stool since yesterday. Looks like we are getting close. - We started testing her Calcium levels and her pH levels in her milk today. She is 50-Calcium and 8.4-pH so she should not be foaling tonight. when her levels reach over 200-calcium and her pH drops to below 7.0 foaling is just around the corner. We will be testing her daily and will post the results here. We are going to see if the test really works.

2/10/07 - Sissy's stool has gone back to normal, and she has started eating pretty well again. Her milk has changed and it is thicker and now harder to see through, it is also not as yellow.

2/11/07 - 324 Days today. Sissy's vulva is extremely relaxed and she has absolutely not resistance when her tial is lifted. Her udders are very large, closer than ever now, I see an end to this long wait.

2/14/07 - Sissy is now at 327 days the same time she foaled last time. Changes are noticed in her attitude. She is usually very sweet and the past few days she has been a pill, she has been rubbing her butt on her feeder and the walls most of the time while she is at rest. She has also been biting her sides and kicking at her belly, and swishing her tail up and down a lot. Her udder has gone back down some, and her belly now has sunken in spots just in front of her hip bones. Her belly is starting to drop.

2/15/07 - Sissy's vulva has started to tighten again and no longer looks relaxed, and her udder has deflated some today. She must have changed her mind on having a foal lol. Things have gone in reverse for us the past few days :(.

2/19/07 - Some good news! We now have MILK!!! Colostrum to be exact :). Udder has enlarged again, and vulva starting to relax again. Let hope she foals while we have some decent weather this week!

2/21/07 - I thought last night would be the night she foaled! She had all the signs, pawing, kicking at her belly, biting at her sides, pacing, frequent urinating and a very very soft stool, but no waxing or dripping milk yet. But after a few hours she kicked it off and fell asleep flat out on her side. Today she has acted normal and has not had any real changes. She is 334 days today.

2/21/07 - Ok after comparing pictures today with pictures I took of her the other day, I now see the signs she showed last night acting like she was going into labor was the foal moving into position. She has now dropped in the belly. We should have a foal any day!! "Hopefully"

2/25/07 - Still no foal!! Well we have not seen much change the past few days other than her being very uncomfortable. She rubs her butt on things, she bites at her sides, she yawns a lot, she kicks at her belly, she shifts her weight back a forth every few minutes when at rest, she only eats half her hay, but still no baby! I don't know what to think about it. I guess I will just keep waiting. Milk test are not changing at all.

2/27/07 - Not much change these days. Everything still looks about the same. her udder is going down some in the evening times. Her attitude is still the same, she sure doesn't look like she will be going in the next few days, but things could change.

2/28/07 - Some changes today, her vulva is much more relaxed and her udder is fuller, and no longer uneven, both sides are now the same size. Milk has changed from the white to the amber color again :(. Attitude has changed, she has become VERY clingy and wants to be touching you all the time.

3/2/07 - Not much of a change. Udder is larger, and vulva finally relaxed enough to the point I think she is ready to foal. Will post pictures tomorrow. Fluid starting to change back to milk :). Could be soon now................... or maybe not lol.

3/6/07 - Not a lot of changes over the past few days. Belly seems to be very low and wide. Her appetite is still the same, she eats everything in site. Vulva is very relaxed and looks swollen, muscles around tail head are drooping away from the tail. The inside color of her vulva has changed from the light pink to the dark scarlet color usually seen just before foaling. Udders stay enlarged throughout the day on into the evenings. Still no sign of wax or dripping milk.

3/7/07 - Sissy has had a change in routine today. She is not standing outside anymore, she stays inside the barn all day and lays down and acts almost like she is having some contractions. We also have change in the milk test!!! I hope we have a foal tonight! Also her nipples have now filled in, and are pointing outward.

3/8/07 - Well no foal last night. She was very uncomfortable however. She has not waxed yet. Milk has changed some more in color and in the test strips. More pictures where taken today and yesterday and posted below.

3/8/07 - Evening check Sissy's milk is changing fast. You can see in the pictures below from the ones taken yesterday to the ones this evening she is getting her milk in.....again lol. Also the calcium test at 250 and pH is at 7.2 tonight. So nice seeing those changes. Will be checking in on her tonight ever hour. I think things are looking good for a foal before the weekend. That would be great, and give me plenty of time to work with the little bugger :).

3/9/07 - Milk is now testing at 300 Calcium and 7.0 pH this morning. I think she may foal tonight!

3/9/07 - Her milk is finally in!!!!! It is now the opaque white and her milk is testing ready!!!

3/10/07 - NO FOAL!!!! :( I don't know why, she was up all night, never slept, she paced, she nosed through the bedding, biting at her side but still no foal. and now she is happily eating breakfast. I am gong to test her milk this morning and see if there is any change.

3/10/07 - Just cam back from checking Sissy it is 10:20 a.m. and we have WAX!!!! I am 98% sure she will foal today or tonight since the last time she foaled she waxed about 3 hours before. I did not test her milk since we now have wax.

3/10/07 - It's A FILLY!!!! She foaled a beautiful Palomino filly today at 12:00 this afternoon. More pictures can be seen on her page under the Foals page.

pH & Calcium levels

2/9/07 2/10/07 2/11/07 2/12/07 2/13/07
pH - 8.4 Calcium - 50 pH - 8.4 Calcium - 50 pH - 8.4 Calcium - 50 pH - 8.4 Calcium - 50 pH - 8.4 Calcium - 50
2/14/07 2/15/07 2/16/07 2/17/07 2/18/07
pH - 8.4 Calcium - 50 did not test pH - 8.4 Calcium - 50 did not test pH - 8.4 Calcium - 50
2/19/07 2/20/07 2/21/07 2/22/07 2/23/07
pH - 8.4 Calcium - 50 did not test pH - 8.4 Calcium - 50 pH - 8.4 Calcium - 50 did not test
2/24/07 2/25/07 2/26/07 2/27/07 2/28/07
did not test pH - 8.4 Calcium - 50 did not test did not test pH - 8.4 Calcium - 50
3/1/07 3/2/07 3/3/07 3/4/07 3/5/07
did not test did not test did not test did not test pH - 8.4 Calcium - 50
3/6/07 3/7/07 3/8/07 Morning 3/8/07 Evening 3/9/07
did not test pH - 7.8 Calcium - 100 pH - 7.8 Calcium - 200 pH - 7.2 Calcium - 250 pH - 7.0 Calcium - 300 pH - 6.8 Calcium - 300  
Belly Pictures
click on pictures to enlarge

Not Pregnant

190 Days  244 Days

264 Days

286 Days

309 Days 316 Days 322 Days 324 Days 328 Days
Starting to get that slab sided look.
334 Days
Compare this picture with the one take on day 328 and you will see that she has now dropped!
335 Days
Belly very low and sides do not stick out from behind or in front.
340 Days
Belly still looks low, but still very round.
347 Days
Belly very low, still not V'd yet.
350 Days
Belly is now dropped and very low, side are not visible from front or back view.


Udder Pictures
click on pictures to enlarge

280 Days
No udder development.

309 Days
Light sticky yellowish fluid easily expressed. Swelling in front if udder.

316 Days
More swelling in the front of the udder. Udder is now sagging downward, and fluid is much more yellow and sticky.

322 Days
Much larger udder and fluid looks somewhat clear/white.
323 Days
Milk has changed. Now it is thicker and harder to see through
324 Days
328 Days
Udder has deflated some, fluid harder to express.
329 Days
Udder filling up again and nipples starting to fill in. Fluid much easier to express.
332 Days
Udder larger, and we now have our first milk.... Colostrum!!
331 Days 335 Days 340 Days
Still has the real milk in.
341 Days
Udder no longer lop sided, both sides are even and the same size. Milk has changed back to an amber color and easier to see through.
347 Days
Udder now stays large all day, it does not go down in the evenings anymore.
348 Days/Morning
Nipples have now filled in and the udder is very tight. Fluid expressed from udders is starting to change.
348 Days/Afternoon
Fluid from udders still changing. What you see on her udder is not wax it was straw from her bedding.
349 Days/Morning
Almost milk!
349 Days/Evening
Milk changing very fast, and milk test are changing fast.
350 Days/Evening


Vulva & Tail Head Pictures
click on pictures to enlarge

309 Days
Tight Vulva not relaxed.

316 Days
Vulva still tight, no muscle relaxing in the tail head area

322 Days
Relaxing around tail head, tail has no resistance when lifted, and vulva starting to relax.

324 Days
Extreme relaxing of the tail head muscles and vulva looks swollen and very relaxed.

328 Days
Muscles around tail head still very relaxed and soft, but vulva has tightened up again.

329 Days
Vulva now starting to relax again.

332 Days
Vulva starting to relax again.

340 Days

341 Days
Vulva much more relaxed and some what gapping open.

347 Days
Vuvla very relaxed, the inside color has changed from the light pink to the scarlet color. Muscles around tail head fall away from the tail, and are very relaxed.

348 Days
Vulva relaxed!

350 Days