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Thank you to all the mare owners, and I am so excited to see this next years foal crop. It should be a great one. We where able to breed to some amazing and beautiful horses this year. Please check back in 2008 to see the result of these awesome crosses.

All mares bred in 2007 are not listed here. If you bred your mare and would like her on this page, please contact us and send us a clear picture of her.

Clusive Sassy Lass       Estimated Foaling Date: March 19
Its a FILLY!!! Click here for Pictures

Poco Tiny Tari Estimated Foaling Date: April 25
Its a FILLY!!! Click here for Pictures

Bodacious Budah Estimated Foaling Date: May 11

Spot Tacular Hickory Estimated Foaling Date: May 3

Cutters Sing Sing
ITS A COLT!!! Click here for pictures!

Diamonds N Silk



Photo Coming soon......





Cali Estimated Foaling Date: August 18



Photo Coming soon......




April/Arabian  Estimated Foaling Date: May 16

Leons Babe Chex Estimated Foaling Date: March 28
It's a FILLY!!
Click here for pictures!



Photo Coming soon......



Photo Coming soon......