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This mare is Bred to Scottish Five Bar place your mouse over the picture to see the sire.

We are having a contest with this gal this years. so if you want to guess the day the foal will be born on send us an email with your name, farm name, and email contact. Winner will get a free advertisement on our sales page, Horse for sale only! (rules) --- entries

Bred 4/24/2007 estimated due date 3/19/2008 (based on 330 days)

He's Here, Sissy foaled a fantastic colt at 351 days, the exact same time frame as last year.
She did NOT wax!


9/8/07 - First Pneumabort shot. Sissy foaled with her first foal at 327 days, her second at 351 days. This year since our stallion seems to produce foals with shorter gestations we figured her at 330 days. We will see.

12/2/07 - Second Pneumabort shot today. Talk about looking pregnant! Sissy is very much in foal. She just started showing really well this last month. I will post pictures of her new Belly this afternoon. Some changes in attitude and behavior the past month also. Sissy is more of a loner these days. Staying back in the barn while the others are out eating. I am not worried about this, because she has done this same thing with her past two pregnancies. I really do think we will have a foal in March, her first foal came at 328 days, second at 351 days, and now she is in foal to our stallion that tends to produce foals with shorter gestation length. so I am thinking Mid March. We are having a contest with this gal this years. so if you want to guess the day the foal will be born on send us an email with your name, farm name, and email contact. Winner will get a free advertisement on our sales page, Horses for sale only!

1/28/08 - Sissy's belly has gotten big the past few weeks. She is very grumpy! She tends to stay off to herself most of the time now, and I have noticed she is pulled down more this year than last, so we have already moved her to the foaling barn just so we can up her feed and give more nutrients. She seems like she needs them more this time around. She actually acted happy to be moved to the barn. Last year when we moved her she was very upset and paced and called to the other girls. This time she acts like she is not concerned at all about the other horses, she just went inside the barn and stood quietly most of the day today.

1/29/08 - 281 Days! Well today I would say it is the first noticeable sign of an udder. Her udder is swollen and a sticky yellow fluid is easily expressed. The right side is larger than the left. Last year she foaled at 358 days and started to develop an udder at 309 days, that was almost 50 days before she foaled. So just for fun and I am going to guess she will foal in about 40 to 50 days from now, putting her around the 320 to 330 day marker. I am also guessing she will have a colt as she is carrying much lower this year than she was last year, last year was a filly. Also this will be Sissy's last foal. We do not plan on breeding her anymore after this as she has a hard time with pregnancy.

1/30/08 - Sissy got her last Pneumabort shot today.

2/11/08 - Her udder is getting bigger, and today I noticed the hair around the udder is starting to lessen more and more each day. Foal was pretty active this afternoon, got to see it bounce around while she was eating some of her afternoon mash. She is 294 days today.

2/26/08 - Sissy is 309 days today. She got her yearly shots today. Her udder is a little bigger but not a huge change. She is more uncomfortable, and I have noticed she is not eating her hay as fast and sometimes she will take a break from eating it and come back and finish it after about a half our or so. New pictures where taken and are posted below. We will start the pH and Calcium tests in about a week or so.

3/6/08 - Not much change. Just making an update here. Udder still about the same size and temperment pretty normal. This morning she was acting more uncomfortable, she was pawing her her bedding some and pacing for a few minutes then it was back to breakfast.

3/12/08 - Not much change in appetite, or udder. But she has been very grumpy the past two days and does not want me messing with her much now. That is not like her at all, Today and yesterday she would not come out of the barn and she has been acting very uncomfortable, laying down alot and acting somewhat spaced out. I have started her on some Penicillin because I am thinking she may have a minor upper respiratory infection. This could be the cause of the spaced out and feeling bad. She is 324 days today.

3/13/08 - 325 Days. Today I have noticed a little change in her udder, a little bit bigger, but there is a change in the fact she has white specks on the teats now, she never had this with either of her first to pregnancies. Also I have finally started to notice slight relaxing of her back end, you can lift her tail now without a lot of resistance. We plan on starting the milk test this weekend, will post those results as we do them below.

3/18/08 - Her udder has gotten noticeably larger the past couple of days, no change in the color or consistency of the fluid from her udder. Finally making some progress again. she is 100% well again and we are all set for the road to Foaling ;).

3/27/08 - Not much change, udder is a little fuller. But that is about it. Milk test still the same. Gotta ways to go still. One thing is for sure; everyday we are that much closer :).

4/2/08 - Starting to have small change in the milk test now. Also last night she was very uncomfortable, she was rolling, kicking hard at her belly, biting at her side, swishing tail and holding it up and to the side most of the evening. I just got back from evening feeding and she was not very excited about getting her hay, even to the point she was not eating it while I was out there, she just stood in the corner of her stall and watched me. After I left she did start to nibble on it some. I am hoping we will get a baby by the weekend. But who knows with Sissy.

4/7/08 - Milk is testing ready! I think she may foal tonight or tomorrow. She did not finish her hay last night or this morning so I think she is getting the foaling ball rolling finally! :)

4/7/08 Evening - Milk is coming in now. and she is acting very uncomfortable, very relaxed now, and she is shifting her weight very often, rubbing her nose on everything in sight. We are getting close ;).

Born April 8 at 12:30 am. Never waxed or dripped milk.


pH & Calcium levels
We don't start testing Calcium and pH levels until they start looking very close.

3/15/08 3/27/08 3/28/08 4/2/08 4/7/08
50 calcium 8.4 ph 50 calcium 8.4 ph 50 calcium 8.4 ph 100 calcium 7.8 ph 300 calcium 6.4 ph
Belly Pictures
click on pictures to enlarge

Not Pregnant

224 Days  252 Days

280 Days
She is bigger than last year

294 Days

305 Days

309 Days

318 Days

325 Days
She has been biting her side today, this is the first time I have noticed bite marks.

330 Days

336 Days
Belly getting lower and flanks are more sunken.

345 Days
She is starting to shape up more in her belly.

350 Days
Belly is dropped, you can see the big slope to her belly just behind of her girth. This mare never looks V'd




Udder Pictures
click on pictures to enlarge

252 Days
No Udder Development

281 Days
First sign of udder. The right side is larger than the left, and the udder is very puffy. Light yellowish sticky fluid is easily expressed.

294 Days
Udder getting bigger each day, hair starting to thin more and more around the nipples.


305 Days
Right side same size. But the Left side is getting larger.
309 Days
Photo on the left was taken during this pregnancy. The photo on the right was taken at exactly 309 days on her last pregnancy.
314 Days
Udder feels larger today. It also feels warmer and firmer.
318 Days
Udder same size, fluid easy to express and is an amber color and easy to see through.

325 Days
Udder is a little bigger, but she now has white specks on her teats. She has never done this before.

330 Days
Finally got some good progress with her udder. Much larger today.
336 Days 339 Days
Udder a little fuller, but nipples still not filled in.
340 Days
Fluid from udder is changing some, starting to be harder to see through and also VERY sticky.
345 Days
Udder is massive and very tender. Fluid not milk yet but getting thicker and very sticky.
350 Days
Udder is HUGE, nipples are full and pointing down and out. Fluid from udder is THICK like syrup.
350 Days -Evening
finally starting to get the milk in looks like Colustrom here. Still not waxed yet.


Vulva & Tail Head Pictures
click on pictures to enlarge

305 Days
No Relaxing

309 Days
No relaxing of the tail head yet.

318 Days
Still no relaxing.



325 Days
Very slight relaxing noticed. She has a harder time pining her tail down when lifted now. Inside color is normal at this point.

350 Days
More relaxed now, but inside still normal color.




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