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In foal To Scottish Five Bar

Breeding Date 07/10/2007 estimated due date 06/16/2008 (based on 342 days)

Foaled June 8, 2008

3/5/08 - We just found out today that Kyann is in foal to Scotty. We thought she was open, but have noticed her getting bigger and bigger the past few months so we had her checked. We are very excited to see this foal. It should be a fantastic cross. We will be starting her foaling Journal shortly.

3/8/08 - Since we did not know Kyann was pregnant we missed giving her Pneumabort shots. But we went ahead and gave her one today, and will be giving her another one in about a month.

5/11/08 - She has started to develop an udder, it started about a week ago. Will get new pictures soon.

6/7/08 - Kyann is testing ready on the milk strips this evening. Her calcium is at 300 to 350 and her pH is at 6.4. Her udder is HUGE and her milk is starting to come in now, it is VERY sticky and thick like syrup. So I sure hope we have a foal this weekend. Her appetite so far today has been normal and she is eating everything put out for her.

6/8/08 -We now have MILK! And her clacium is up to 400 and pH is 6.2. She also had wax this morning.


Foaled Amber Champagne Filly on June 8 at 11:30pm.

Belly Pictures
click on pictures to enlarge

256 Days
Notice the lop sided belly.
318 Days 334 Days  


Udder Pictures
click on pictures to enlarge

256 Days
There is no udder development, her bag is still going down from her last foal nursing.
318 Days
Kyann started to develop an udder about two weeks ago. But today I have noticed it is much fuller.
334 Days
Udder is Huge tight and warm. Nipples are full and pointing outward. Fluid is is thick, and sticky like syrup.
335 Days


Vulva and Tail Head Pictures
click on pictures to enlarge

256 Days
No relaxing!
318 Days
More relaxed than before. But not ready yet.
334 Days
Starting to show signs of relaxing.