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Updates and News

This mare is bred to CL Skippa Streak place your mouse over the picture to see sire.

ALERT ------  MAIDEN MARE!!! This could become a very frustrating page to read lol.

Last breeding date 5/5/06 expected due date: 04/10/2006 (based on 340 days)

Number of Days In Foal:


5/21/06 - Today we checked DeeDee and she is in foal. So we must have done something right, lol.

10/6/06 - DeeDee got her first Pneumabort shot today.

12/10/06 - DeeDee got her second Pneumabort shot. She is looking very pregnant and I have noticed the past week she is laying down a lot more than she use to.

2/8/07 - At 280 Days DeeDee got her third and final Pheumabort shot today. Getting closer every day. She is HUGE for a maiden mare. I hope she is carrying a huge winner in there!

2/27/07 - 299 Days now, DeeDee has been producing an udder for the past two weeks. EEK!!! That's early, will we be having an early foal with her? We moved her to the foaling stall yesterday and got some new pictures today, check below for those.

3/7/07 - DeeDee's udder continue to enlarge everyday. They are smaller in the evening time however.

3/15/07 - Today was the first day I have been able to express any milk from her udder. I did the milk test and it is starting out high. I was not able to express much at all, so did not have enough for a picture of the milk. Will take a picture later and post it. She is 315 today.

03/16/07 - DeeDee's milk has now turned to a cloudy white, and is now testing at 6.8 pH and 200 calcium. We cleaned her stall tonight, cleaned her up, and braided and wrapped her tail. She is 316 days today. EEK.......tonight????

3/18/07 - No foal yet........ thank goodness!! She is testing the same on Calcium, but her pH has dropped to 6.8 a few nights ago, and is still testing that. Tonight her milk was a little more of a yellowish tinted cloudy white, and was a little harder to see through. Still not a lot of relaxing around vulva and tail head yet. She has been swishing her tail a lot today. She got a bath this afternoon and she seemed very uncomfortable and was not very patient with me today. She is 318 days today.

3/20/07 - DeeDee did have wax this morning. I pulled it off and it took 2 hours to show up again. Her calcium is the same but pH has gone back up to 7.2 today. New pictures taken this afternoon are posted below. She has been swishing her tail a lot and rubbing her butt and sides up against the stall walls so hard she even spilt her water all over her side.

3/22/07 - No foal yet. Her milk has turned back to the opaque white and she was dripping milk yesterday, it has coated the inside of her back legs. Her tail has been very relaxed and you can raise it up and move it freely without her resisting it. I keep thinking tonight is the night, and nothing. MAIDENS!!!! GRRR! lol

3/23/07 - I was up all night with DeeDee last night ( watching her on my TV ), she was rubbing her butt on her feeder, and rubbing her sides against the walls, I thought she was going to take down the barn. This morning we fed her and went to clean out her stall a few minutes ago and she had hardly touched the feed from this morning. She just nibbles on the feed. Her calcium was testing a bit higher tonight and ph is still at 6.8. I did notice she seemed like she was some what aggitated tonight, and she kept looking at her belly and biting her sides. I think I am in for another long night tonight......sigh!

3/27/07 - Still no foal :(. But closer now than ever before lol. Her milk test has changed some today. Calcium now around 250-300 and pH looks to be around 6.5 or so.

3/30/07 - I think we have the ball rolling now. Milk has changed and is testing really high for calcium and low for pH. I sure hope we get a foal tonight. She is 330 days today.

3/31/07 - I think we may have a foal tonight. DeeDee had HUGE gobbs of wax today, her vulva has turned the scarlet red color, and her milk test is really high for Calcium. New pictures posted below.

4/2/07 - DeeDee foaled a palomino colt on Saturday night (March 31, 2007) at 11:55 pm, the back legs where out just after 12:00, I am going to say he is a March 31 foal.


Calcium and pH Milk Test
3/15/07 3/16/07 3/17/07 3/18/07
pH- 7.8 Calcium-200 pH- 7.8 Calcium-200 pH- 6.8 Calcium-200 pH - 6.8 Calcium - 200
3/20/07 3/21/07 3/22/07 3/23/07
pH- 7.8 Calcium-200 did not test pH - 6.8 calcium - 200 pH - 6.8 Calcium -200
3/24/07 3/25/07 3/26/07 3/27/07
pH - 6.8 Calcium - 200 Did not test pH - 6.8 Calcium - 200 pH - 6.8 Calcium - 300
3/28/07 3/29/07 3/30/07 3/31/07
pH - 6.8 calcium - 300 pH - 6.2 Calcium - 300 pH - 6.2 Calcium - 400/450 pH - 6.2 Calcium - 450/500
Belly Pictures
click on pictures to enlarge

Not Pregnant

177 Days

204 Days

223 Days 245 Days

275 Days

293 Days

299 Days

306 Days
Edema along the underside of her, you can see a small point where the edema is at the bottom of her belly.

315 Days
Belly very low and sides flat.

320 Days

331 Days




Udder Pictures
click on pictures to enlarge

293 Days
Starting to bag up already

299 Days
Udder fuller, still not able to express any milk.

306 Days
Still unable to express any fluid.

315 Days
Udder VERY large, and milk is now able to be expressed.

320 Days
Fluid is more yellow and see through. She does have wax off and on throughout the day.

323 Days
She has her milk in!!!

331 Days
MILK and Huge udder with tons of wax!




Vulva and Tail Head Pictures
click on pictures to enlarge

299 Days
No noticeable relaxing of the vulva yet.

306 Days
Still no relaxing

315 Days
Slight relaxing started!

320 Days

331 Days
Relaxed!! and inside of vulva now scarlet red.




Many people say you can tell if a mare will have a colt or filly based on the way she carries her foal. Well lets see if you can. Vote on what you think each mare will have and lets see how good you are.


Here is a fun poll. These are some names we have considered for this foal. Vote on the names you like!


If you have a suggestion for a name feel free to tell me and If we use it we will give you credit for it.