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This mare is bred to Scottish Five Bar

Last Breeding Date: 5/7/07 Estimated Due Date: 4/1/08

He is here. Blondy foaled at 349 days! An Amber Cream Champagne colt.

10/18/07 - First Pnuamabort shot.

12/10/07 - Second Pnumabort shot. I can now see and feel movement in the belly from the foal. So far she has had no changes in attitude or appetite.

2/8/08 - Third Pnumabort shot. Everything still seems about normal, I have not noticed any udder development or any change in behavior, attitude, or appetite. The main thing is she looks big. Will get new pictures posted soon.

2/28/08 - 298 Days today. Blondy still has not started to produce any sign of udder yet. But since we have never foaled her out before, we don't know how her patter goes, so we moved her to the foaling barn yesterday anyhow. She was started on the bran mash as well. She actually seems like she likes the barn and the fresh bedding to lay down in. I will take new pictures of her today and post them below.

3/8/08 - We gave Blondy her foaling vaccinations today. Still no udder development yet.

3/18/08 - I think we finally have a little sign of udder development. Her udder is more distended and feels puffy, also today is the first time she has ever expressed any sign of discomfort when I touch her udder. Before she never cared and just ignored me. But today she swished her tail, stomped her back leg, and pined her ears at me. She was defiantly unhappy about me messing around her udder.

3/21/08 - Ok Blondy's bag is getting bigger and bigger. She has been biting her sides like crazy and standing very odd the past few days. She is very grumpy and acts very uncomfortable. We are finally on our way! You may notice in a few of the pictures she is not at the barn anymore. we moved her back since there was no udder development and she seemed pretty far away. But now she is making rapid progress and will be moved back to the barn this weekend.

3/24/08 - The night before last Blondy was VERY restless, she was pacing, pawing, rubbing her butt against the wall for about two hours. So far that is the only change she has had, she is still eating like normal and her stools are still normal. udder is bigger.

4/15/08 - Her udder is not huge all day long. Still not able to get much out of the udder, not enough for a milk test. She is starting to get more relaxed in the back end, she does have a harder time pinning her tail when I lift it now. Belly looks very low, could be dropped now, not sure? Non the less I will be watching her close the next few days.

4/16/08 - Finally today was the first time I was able to get enough out of her udder for a test. And I can get plenty now. It is an amber color, starting to get sticky, but still pretty clear not foggy. She is not eating all her hay, she still has some of her breakfast left from this morning and it is almost time for her dinner. Will get some pictures of the fluid from her udder this evening and post them. Also she has been very hot and some what sweaty all day today. The temp today was in the 80's but non of the other horses got sweaty or as hot as she did. Could be a sign she is getting close.

4/17/08 - Last night she was very uncomfortable, she paced some, then would eat a few bites, then rub her butt, then rub her neck. A few kicks at the belly and bites at the side. Today her milk is not as amber color and her calcium and ph is a little closer. Also stool is loose today.

4/18/08 - Milk is testing ready this morning, and when I went out she was laying down. She has had several edisodes where she stops and looks almost like she is in a deep tranz, then she will raise her back leg and kick, the other odd thing she does I have not see a mare do before is she will stretch like a dog does with its front legs out way infront of them. She seems to do this about every hour or so. She has paced some and holds her tail all the way to the side and up. She is very uncomfortable today. But another thing is her udder is not near as full as it was yesterday, infact it is a little flabby today. Her actions make me think today or tonight.

4/19/08 - I can't believe we still have no foal. But I really think she will have it tonight. She finally has milk and her test is very high. Also when I went out to the barn a few minutes ago there are 5 fresh poop piles all where within about 10 min.

She foaled on 4/19/08 at 10:45 pm

pH & Calcium levels
We don't start testing Calcium and pH levels until they start looking very close.
4/16/08 4/17/08 4/18/08 4/19/08  
150 calcium 7.8 ph 200 calcium 7.2 ph 300 calcium 6.4 ph 400 calcium 6.2 ph    

Belly Pictures
click on pictures to enlarge

183 Days

239 Days 292 Days 317 Days

320 Days

323 Days

345 Days

347 Days

348 Days
Belly is no longer visiable from the back or front view.




Udder Pictures
click on pictures to enlarge

239 Days
No udder development!

317 Days
Udder is a little more distended and feels a little swollen. She is also suddenly very tender around her udder and does not like me touching it. I say this is first sign of udder development.

320 Days
Her udder is increasing in every couple of days now. Things are finally moving.

323 Days
Udder getting bigger daily.

345 Days
Udder is huge and stays large throughout the day now Still not able to express enough fluid for a test.

346 Days
Today is the first day I was able to get enough out for a milk test. And it was very easy to express.

347 Days - afternoon
Fluid not as amber and very sticky.

347 Days - evening

348 Days
Udder does not seem as full, still not milk yet.

349 Days
MILK is finally in!




Vulva and Tail Head Pictures
click on pictures to enlarge

317 Days
Her vulva looks relaxed a little, but her tail head is not relaxed and it is hard to pick up her tail.
320 Days
Her back end seems very soft and jelly like, and her vulva seems very relaxed. Muscles fall away from tail head.
345 Days
Starting to relax more, she has a harder time pinning her tail down when I lift it up.
347 Days
Tail head is very relaxed, slopes away from tail bone.
348 Days
Extremely relaxed now, hip is flat around the tail head, and vulva is very relaxed. She holds her tail way to the side, and swishes it a lot today.

We are accepting name suggestions for this future foal. if you want to suggest a name please send it here: