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Foaling, foaling mare, horse foaling, horse gesta

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Because we no longer raise horses I keep this website up just for people to use the Foaling Journals and help them on their foaling journeys. But due to this it does cost to keep the website up yearly, so if you enjoy the site and would like to help keep it up please feel free to donate to the upkeep and monthly fees of the site here:


tion, foaling signs, signs of foaling, signs of labor in mare

Foaling season is just around the corner so with that, we are now offering a message board for you to make updates on your mares!
 Mare Milk Test Instructions - For the Do It Yourselfer!

A few months ago you where debating on whether or not to breed your mare, then once you decided to you spent time picking out the stallion to breed to, you considered disposition, skills, pedigree, color, and much more. After the breeding took place you got to hear those wonderful words from your veterinarian "She's pregnant". Recall the joy you felt, the excitement, if you where anything like me you probably wanted to mail out notes telling everyone you know you where expecting :), but hopefully you restrained yourself from doing that otherwise you will be getting calls soon asking when you are due. Now the long wait sets in. But you have a lot to do in the next 11 months, pick out baby names, prepare you foaling kit, read articles on the internet, read books, ask questions, watch any video you can get your hands on, and don't forget to take care of that expectant mare. She needs lots of feed, her worming, vaccinations, and lots and lots of love.

Well I have made up this article to give you one more thing to read while you wait. Hope you enjoy.

A mares gestation is on average 340 days but it can go well over 360 days or as early as 315 days. There is no such thing as a "Due Date" for mares unfortunately. But most mares give signs of approaching labor to help us out in this area. Some of these signs are:

  1. Waxing

  2. Relaxing of the pelvis and vulva

  3. Filling of the udders

  4. Drop in mares abdomen

  5. Attitude may change

  6. Appetite may change

  7. No resistance in the tail

  8. Texture of udders

Some mares may display all of these signs, and some may not display any of these signs.

Start checking your mares udder often at around 9-10 months. It helps to keep a journal of your mares progress. For an example of a journal you can look at some of my mares journals under the Foals page. Here are some changes to watch for in the udder:

These pictures where taken from the same mare during the same pregnancy. Click on pics to enlarge.

Foaling Signs signs of foaling pregnant mare

slight udder distention at 292 days

nipples smoother 306 days

fluid beginning to fill udder 311 days

signs of labor in mare horse gestations

Fluid expressed from udder is a sticky amber color 311 days.

Udders much larger after just one day, photo taken at 312 days.

Udders much fuller and tight still have speckles on the nipples, 318 days
foaling mare horse foaling
Fluid from udder at 318 days still yellow but thinner and sticky. Udders very tight, warm, and speckles on nipples are gone 328 days. Fluid now harder to see through and not as sticky.
Udder very warm and full. 329 days Fluid turning to milk opaque white 329 days Deep creese in udders is gone and wax has appeared on one nipple 330 days
Milk! 330 days Drops of milk on inside of leg 330 days. Droplets of milk just after removing wax. 330 days. mare foaled next day

A mares hind end starts to relax before foaling, her vulva will lengthen and sometimes even gap open. The muscles on her rear will look like they fall away from the tail head, they will seem soft and jello like.

This mares hind end is still firm and has not yet started to relax 311 days. Her hind end has started to relax and falls away from the tail head. 328 days. Side picture to show the slope as a result of muscle relaxing. 328 days.
Vulva still tight 318 days. Vulva now relaxed 328 days Vulva very relaxed, long, 329 days mare foaled two days later.

Another thing you should start to notice is her belly's shape. At the end of the pregnancy the mares belly will drop and almost look like it has a point facing the ground it will also look flat on the sides rather than sticking way out.

Wide belly very round 279 days

Round belly 279 days Belly lower and starting to get that point 318 days.

Belly not fully dropped yet 328 days Belly very dropped and pointed 330 days Sides look flat and belly looks long 330 days. mare foaled next day.

You may also notice your mare acting different. She may bite at her side, kick her leg up like she is kicking at her belly. She may pace, or may stand perfectly still. Some mares show no signs at all. The mare in the pictures, she would only eat half her feed for about 5 weeks then the last three days she ate everything we put in front of her. She also would stand off by herself a lot, and the week before she foaled she wanted to be with the herd all the time, and she would find a buddy to stand with in the corner of her stall. Each mare is different and you will need to watch your mare very close, get an idea of her routine. I will post more photos next year when we have more mares foal. This page is just a collection of different mares and the different stages they go through before foaling. So check back and I hope you have a healthy foal with a safe delivery.

For Reference here is a HAY Belly on a Maiden mare, she is not pregnant just big. And this is her udder:

For more foaling journals see these below or for this years current journals go to the Foals page:

Mare that does not play by the rules! Maiden Mare


Foaling, foaling mare, horse foaling, horse gestation, foaling signs, signs of foaling, signs of labor in mare