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This colt is approximately 93% foundation!

Born June 11, 2007


He is now here, born at 312 days. He came in and surprised us all. He is a beautiful Gold Champagne, with a very unusual Marking on his face. He is something! Fantastic color and beautiful form, with unique markings.

Hitch is now in training with basic manners and some ground work. You can read his training journal HERE!

Greats like Poco Bar Joseph, Leo, Dontcha Luv Quincy, Quincy Feature and Skip Brick, farther back is Poco Bueno, Doc Bar, Three Bars, Skippa Star, Skipper W and many more.

3 Years Old

17 Months Old
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11 Months Old
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5 Months Old
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1 1/2 months old

At One Week old:

At one day old:


Scottish Five Bar

Butterscotch Bay Poco Bar McCue Poco Bar Joeseph
ROM Arena By Poco Prince AQHA Champion
Pink McCue
Peaches By Rum Hey Mr Banjo
Pots Peach
Miss Five Bar Leo Three Leo


A ROM Race, Lead sire of ROM Race & ROM Perf. & AQHA champions. Sire of Money earners & HR Perf. & High point Halter
Super Bar
AA ROM Racing. Dam of ROM Race. By Three Bars
Calico Dawn Nifty Don
Catty Babe
Dontcha Skip Sassy

Dontcha Sass Quincy Dontch Luv Quincy
Producer of ROM Halter, ROM Performance, Halter Point Earners
and Performance Point Earners
Quincy Feature
OPEN AQHA Champion, 1983 OPEN Performance ROM, 1980 OPEN Superior Halter, 1980 OPEN World Champion 3 yr old Stallion, 1979 OPEN World Champion 2 yr old Stallion H-69, P-19
Doncha Skip Me
Sired by Skippa Star
Sassy Diane Tee J Diamond M
Jaycee Black Babe
Skip Miss Lorocky Skip A Roach Skips Brick
AQHA Champion, H-21/P-117
Miss Skeeter Sue
Bonnie Lorocky Lorocky Dun
Bonnie Cactus