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Mare and Foaling Barn

Each stall has its own private outdoor run that can be closed off at your choice. Inside stalls are 15x12 and outside stalls are 15x12. For mares foaling on the ranch we have cameras inside the stalls that can be viewed from the television inside our home. This allows for easier monitoring.

Mares visiting the ranch are fed twice daily your choice of AlfAlfa or Coastal, and Cool Horse sweet feed or Safe Choice feed, and they are given a mineral/salt block of their own. Stalls are cleaned daily, and all mares are handled with love and respect.

Mares that are not halter trained are not accepted!

If you just need a place to board your horse for one or two nights we can do this if we have room for $20/night. Price includes feed and cleaning the stall. Call for details 806-655-9422 or 806-681-7223