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These are our Riding horses.


This is "Tundra"
Gray Gelding - This is my mothers Horse

Tundra is about 20-22 we think, and he is very gentle, and does not act his age at all. He is super quite and has plenty of go in him. He is 15.3H

Sadly we lost Tundra on 3/25/10. He was sick on Tuesday and we took him to the vet and there was nothing we could do. Something ruptured inside of him causing his death. He was a good horse and lived a long life. We will miss him very much. "We tried everything bud, but there was just nothing more we could do. I am so sorry."

This is "Slick"
Brown Gelding - My husbands horse - wishing he was mine lol

Slick is 6 years old and the most gentle thing you could come across. He is a BIG boy to. He loves attention and loves to ride trails. He usually starts walking towards you before you even get in the pen. Slick is 15.3H


YHR Dontcha Luv Leo - AKA "Hitch"

Hitch was trained by BLH Training www.blhtraining.com In this photo he is only a yearling. Need to get an updated picture since he will be 5 this year. Wow how time flies.


These are horses in Training


Gray Welsh Pony mare 12.1 hands

This picture was taken by the people we bought Mazda from. I do plan on getting some new pictures up of her this spring in her summer coat. She is 3 this year, and I have started to learn some about her. She was wild when we got her, They would roper her to catch her so she was scared of any type of rope, making catching her very difficult. But With a little work she is now easy to catch and we never leave a halter on her, I can just walk out and catch her. She has started to learn to lung but still working on her not being head shy when you move your hands, I think someone hit her in the face a lot at some point. I don't think the people we bought her from where mean to her, but I think the guy they bought her from where. I do plan on breeding her back to a paint stallion later this year after I get her started, as I really want to raise a couple of kid ponies and train them. She has a very willing disposition and a very nicely put together build. Very nice clean legs (even though the picture makes them look toed out they are very straight and clean).