Dontcha Luv Leo AKA "Hitch"
Training Journal

Sunday, November 23, 2008 - I have done two lessons before today but we had some great progress. Today I introduced a small children's saddle to him for just a few minutes. He did very well. Never even gave the saddle a second thought and continued to do what I asked of him. I am using Clinton Anderson's training techniques. Hitch seems to get what I am asking and is a very fast learner. Here are some pictures from today's lesson:

Asking him to move off both directions:

Asking him to yield and return to me:

Asking for him to follow the lead rope around:

Introducing the blanket and saddle for the first time:


Wednesday, June 24, 2009 - I guess I am not doing a very good job at keeping up with this journal lol. Well the update is we have continued his ground work and he is AWESOME from the ground, yields his hind quarters, backs, stands quite to be saddled and geared up, ties quite etc. And I have sat on him twice and just walked a few feet in the round pen. Not for Today's progress report. I rode him in the big arena, he did buck a few times after we got the saddle on him and I lunged him, but once he realized the saddle was not coming off he quite and just did everything I asked him to. Then I got in the saddle, he stood quite for that and would flex both direction with a very little pressure from the rein while I was in the saddle. I put him in a side pull for this lesson to give a little more control. And we worked on a gas peddle, a brake, and a little bit of steering. He did awesome. But again when I asked him for the lope and pitched up a little and then realized I was not coming off so he quite. We loped a few passes around the arena and trotted some as well. He did wonderful and I can't wait for tomorrows lesson. Also he has an incr4edible lope. I could not believe such a young horse could be so well paced, his trot was even great and not choppy like most youngsters. He is 13.2 1/2 hands at his withers and 14.1 hands at his hip. He just went through a growth spurt. I think he may top off around 14.2 an excellent height in my opinion. Pictures to come later this week. Oh and he was officially two on June 11.

Friday, June 26, 2009 - So today was our third ride. H did great, he was better yesterday when I rode him, but today he still did really good, we just discovered today that he has trouble trotting and loping on a left circle. He tries to turn and go the other direction or he just runs into the fence. So what i did today is we made the left circle very small so he stayed flexed and we did a few small circles. I will extend that out after a few more rides. I also think I will work on this in the round pen. The other thing he really needs to work on is his brakes, he has a great gas peddle, but his brakes are not so hot. He still has not gotten the one reign stop down very well. So I guess I will need to work some more on that. But that is another day, another lesson. Today I was pleased with. We quite on a good note and he is doing wonderful I think. I mean for his third ride he is already trotting and loping circles really well to the right.